How heavy are the shipping containers?

Empty Tare Weight:
20 ft shipping container 2.25t or 2200kg
40ft shipping container 4t or 3950kg

How is a shipping container constructed?

Standard ISO freight shipping containers are designed to withstand the rigors of marine transportation and are constructed with a high tensile steel rigid framework, with corrugated steel walls and doors. Internal floors are treated timber, 27mm thick, mounted on steel cross members. Double doors are fitted to one end, retained by 4 full height locking bars all fitted with lockable handles.

Aren’t shipping containers just hot ovens when they are used for homes or offices?

Absolutely not! If you don’t insulate they will, but the reality is that the new Ceramic spray insulation is most effective when applied to metal. In fact, if you build a home, office, emergency shelter or storage unit using Ceramic Insulation paint (spray), the structure will probably be more energy efficient than a conventional home.

What items are prohibited from shipment?

Certain items cannot be accepted for storage or transportation under general conditions of carriage or insurance. For example: food, cash, bonds, jewellery, alcohol, fireworks or other explosives, flammable gases, liquids or solids, poisons and toxins, corrosives, radioactive materials, ammunition or firearms, scuba tanks, gas cylinders, aerosol cans, butane lighters and other pressurised vessels and pornography of any description. It is also inadvisable to include perishables or liquids, which could leak in transit causing untold damage.


What if I don’t know what sort of shipping container I need?

Our qualified and experienced staff know how to assist you in deciding your best shipping container solution. Our staff will ask you what you need a shipping container for, how long you require the container and will suggest accessories or modifications you may need to suit your requirements.

What is the temperature range on a Refrigerated Shipping Container?

Depending on your needs the refrigerated shipping container can have a temperature range from -25 Celsius to 25 Celsius.


What is the power supply needed to run a Refrigerated Shipping Container?

All Refrigerated Shipping Container units require 3 phase 415 volt power supply.

How much can I fit into a container?

Our containers come in 6m (20ft) and 12m (40ft) lengths, and standard height and high cube configurations. Our smallest shipping container is a 6m (20ft) standard, this provides 33.2cu/m of space, enough room for the contents of an average three bedroom home.


How quickly can I have a sale container delivered?

Usually within 24 hours after placing your order and meeting payment terms. We have a network of depots and will deliver from the nearest one to you.

Can you supply new containers or purpose built containers?

Yes, we have arrangements with both Australian and overseas manufacturers.


How quickly can I have a hire container delivered?

Subject to satisfactory credit checks, usually within 24 hours after placing your order. We have a network of depots and will deliver from the nearest one to you.

Can I have a collection or delivery at the weekend or outside normal working hours?

Yes, however there may be a premium charge for this.

Can I paint your hire container a different colour?

No, if you alter the colour there will be charge to restore it. However, under an operating lease agreement, we can provide a container in the colour of your choice.

Can I place my container on grass or in a field?

No, you must have level ground, ideally this should be a concreted surface. If you do not have a concrete surfaces, wooden sleepers or concrete blocks can be used.

From the Blog: The Best Way to Build a Level Foundation For Your Shipping Container

Can I buy my rental container?

No, not unless it is specified in your original hire agreement.

Can I return my container earlier than the minimum rental period?

Yes you can, However if you do you will be charged for the full rental period.

Do I need to insure the container?

Yes, you need to insure against all risks and at least up to the replacement value on your lease.

Can I claim against you for damaged or lost stock?

You are responsible for your stock; therefore, you must insure against all risk.

Can I collect the container myself?

This may be possible; however there will be a depot handling charge for lifting the container on or off your vehicle and the vehicle must comply with Health and Safety regulations.

What type of shipping container should I choose for storage?

Think of a shipping container as another storage room. You can use it to keep anything you would put in a warehouse, storeroom or shed. Choose 6m or 12m lengths and the door configuration that works best for your situation.

What range of items do people store in your containers?

Almost everything under the sun – here is just a small sample from a very long list…

Cards, cars, motor parts, motorbikes, lawnmowers, shelving, packaging materials, TVs, electrical goods, building materials, retail items, canned goods, dry foodstuffs, fireworks, furniture, carpets, paintings, paint, lighting, computers, clothing, animal feed, bottled water, mobile phones, shoes, furniture, ceramics, aggregates, gas testing pipes, biscuits, tea, sweets.