Transpac Office Units


Tradecorp PNG can supply your business with a fast and easy to build office solution. Our Transpac Offices are a ‘flat pack’ alternative to traditional fixed office structures. These units are perfect for the small to medium business that has little space for office amenities. Once built, these offices are the size of a single 20ft shipping container. They have insulated walls, a personnel door and two duel opening windows with security shutters. They also have lighting and powerpoints to connect your equipment.

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Installation Photos

Packing List for a Stanard Transpac 20’ Unit:
• Roof with external plus/ socket and main protective switch – 1 piece
• The base – 1 piece
• Corner post – 4 pieces
• Side panel – 6 pieces
• Side panel with T/T window and roll shutter – 2 pieces
• Side panel with hole for upper A/C socket – 1 piece
• Side panel with door – 1 piece
• Side panel with hole for light switch – 1 piece
• Side panel with hole for socket – 3 pieces
• Double neon light (220V) – 2 pieces
• Socket (Can be USA standard) – 4 sets
• Light switch – 1 set
• Molding for ceiling – 1 set
• Molding for corner – 4 pieces
• PVC made trim for panels – 10 pieces
• PVC made skirting board – 1 set
• PVC drain pipe – 4 pieces
• Threaded rod (M 10mm) – 4 pieces
• Steel made connection plate for threaded rod – 4 pieces
• Steel made connection plate for side panel – 28 pieces
• Nut & Washer (M 8) – 28 sets
• Nut & Washer (M 10) – 4 sets
• Self‐tapping screw (M4x20) – 40 pieces
• Self‐tapping screw (M5x35) – 70 pieces
• Self‐tapping screw (M5x90) – 20 pieces
• Bolt & Spring ring (M12X40) – 48 sets
• PVC spherical screw cover – 80 pieces
• PVC flat screw cover‐ spare part – 10 pieces
• PVC flat screw cover – 6 pieces
• Lock – 1 piece

Transpac Offices stacked in sets of four ready for delivery

Used Container Sale

Tradecorp PNG have landed a fresh shipment of Used Containers that are available at a discounted price to our Newsletter Readers!

These units are in ‘A-Grade’ Condition. A-Grade Used Shipping Containers are defined as below:

• Container to be supplied in general good condition
• The container would be supplied in a fully weatherproof condition
• All doors, doors seals and locking bars would be checked and repaired as required.
• Any low areas on the roof  pushed up so as to avoid water pooling and rusting through the roof long term
• All major and minor dents to be straightened out
• Any surface rust and flaking paint buffed back and primed

Below you can find example of A-Grade used containers

We have 20ft and 40ft General Purpose Shipping Containers* on Sale in A-Grade Condition. These units are priced to clear and in LIMITED STOCK so Call Us on +675 7318 3218 (POM) or +675 475 8813 (LAE) to get a Quote. Alternatively you can request a quote from this webpage by filling in the quote form.

*40ft Containers only available from our LAE depot.
Promotion valid from 16.8.2017 to 31.8.2017. Limited Stock, promotion valid till stocks last.